Should you be worried about your child’s complexion?

Should you be worried about your baby’s

“What do i do to improve my baby’s colour?”

My baby was very fair at birth,now lost all the colour,why?

Any medicines or oils or creams to improve the complexion?

homeremedies to improve the colour”

If you have been to any maternity&child care online portals,these are probably
the commonest questions you’ve come across.
Firstly,lemme be clear.The birth colour of the baby is not permanent and its
obviously not the “real” colour of the teeny bopper.
The newborn skin undergoes a lot of changes post birth.
There will be drying,scaling and finally peeling off of skin.
In case,the baby is a growth restricted one,it has the typical “old man’s look” as it
is famously called.These babies have a very dry and dark skin as well.

Mind you! these are not permanent.
Babies are covered by ‘vernix caseosa’ ,which is white sticky material,also gives
whitish tinge to the baby.As you keep bathing the baby this goes away.
Babies are covered by lanugo hair,spreading across the entire body but mostly
prominent over the arms and face.It sometimes gives a false ‘dark coloured’
These hair too get eventually cleared away as the baby grows.

What to do?
Do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Please don’t resort to aesthetics and put your baby to strain.
Babies are cute no matter what.And you worrying about the complexion is kind
of degrading your baby.
As the baby grows,the natural colour slowly sets in.
You can instead give highly nutritious food to increase the strength and
immunity and in return automatically your baby/kid looks healthy and also
less prone to diseases.
As the kids reach puberty their body undergoes many changes and the physique
and complexion is totally different.
Also,don’t restrain kids from outdoor games,swimming etc out of fear of losing
colour.You will be limiting their childhood.They will instead resort to a bad
lifestyle of mobiles and video games.
The blame is totally on you then.

*Never ever use haldi,besan or anything along with milk to apply to the
baby. It blocks the skin pores and inturn increases skin infections
*Never use oils,especially for long standing periods,they are very difficult
to clean.
*Never use bleaching agents or soaps containing them,you are simply
ruining the baby’s tender skin.
*Never use honey and lemon,they are bleaching agents.

Also,never criticise your kid later on.It will only make them lose their confidence.

Never body shame them.

Motherhood already comes with a lot of new emotions and experiences to deal with,be it first time or any number of times.Don’t strain yourself over nothing.Colour is never a flaw and we should teach this to ourselves and the kids.

Teach them to love themselves.

After all everybody is unique.

And EVERY BABY is beautiful.

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