Sex during pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy
Is sex during pregnancy dangerous?
Does sex during pregnancy cause penis envy if i have a daughter?
Will the baby get any infections in such a case?
Are we ‘permitted’ to have sex in pregnancy?Isn’t it a sin?
These are probably the most common questions asked to a gynecologist.
Okay.Lets get to them one by one.
Firstly,sex or coitus has been seen as a taboo,discussing anything remotely
near to it is frowned upon in India.
And its a common misconception taught to us by the elders that having sex
in pregnancy is prohibited.
Its seen as a 9 month break!So much so that even the so called modern t.v
still preaches in many of its programmes/videos that its forbidden.
Sex in general is a physical need,sometimes emotional too.
Infact,in the first trimester women have increased sexual drives thanks to
the hormones.
Aaand,nope!its not forbidden.
Having sex is healthy.
So,is it dangerous???
Unless,your’s is a complicated pregnancy,there isn’t anything remotely
dangerous to the baby or you.

The baby wont be harmed due to the semen or vaginal secretions.
its pretty well guarded inside there. 🙂
Will the penis poke the baby?
Nope,the baby doesn’t come in contact with the penis anywhere during sex.
thanks to the human anatomy,the cervix is a very tough structure which is
pretty strongly closed until its the delivery time.
and for the same reason the baby wont have penis envy either as imagined.Its an entirely different scenario when it comes to penis envy.

Is it a sin?
This is where i cant help you.
The religious beliefs might hinder you.
It’s totally your call.

Now,there are certain conditions you must avoid sex.
If you had noticed before,I highlighted the word “complicated pregnancy
In pregnancies,complications such as
* cervical incompetence

* placenta previa
* cervical cancer
* premature rupture of membranes(prom)
* twin pregnancy,polyhydromnios with open n short cervix
* vaginal infections
* threatened abortion
* threatened preterm labour etc

the above are few instances you have to keep in mind.
i shall discuss about each of the above complications in detail in other
but,its always better and safe if you discuss with your doctor beforehand.
now,go haffun 😉

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