Pregnancy in the times of Corona

These are some tricky times,and very unexpexcted ones as well.

I know it would be both scary and disappointing at the same time.There might have been plans for maternity shoots or baby showers which got awry,whilst alarming news regarding COVID 19 has kept you on the edge.

read this blog for all the info.

1.Are pregnant women at high risk?

well,it has been deemed that pregnancy does make you high risk due to the altered immune system.But it is expected that large majority of the women who do get infected will only have mild to moderate flu like symptoms only.

2.If diagnosed with covid what will happen to my baby?

Not to worry!although this is a fairly new virus and its effects havent been vastly studied,but so far the chances of miscarriage are next to nil.Also the chances of direct tranmission from mother to baby are very less.

3.If by chance the baby does get the infection,what then?

surprisingly,babies that contracted the infection have recovered well compared to adults.

4.Can I Breast feed my baby if I’m infected?

Yes!You can keep breast feeding the baby even if you’re positive following rules of disinfection like wearing a mask whoile feedin and washing hands properly before handling the baby.

5.What are the precautions that i need to take to avoid the infection?

*Follow strict isolation.

*Strictly follow all rules of disinfection like frequnetly washing hands for 20 secs,using tissues to cover your face at home when you or any family member is sneezing

* work from home when possible.

*Avoid social interaction with relatives or friends

*Avoid hugging or kissing anyone especially if they have been actively going out for groceries or some work.

6.I’m in my 1st/2nd trimester,what about my Antenatal visits?

For now,stay at home unless its an emergency.

Most of the times,in the first trimester and even in the second trimester,you may not need any consultation in person and can be done via online communication.

you may have to go for scans around 12 weeks and 22 weeks  which are very important.

then take prior appointment and go for the scan when the rush is less and strictly follow rules of disinfection.

All to be done under your doctor’s advice only.

7.I’m term and can pop out anytime,what to do?

>Don’t panic

>keep your hospital bag ready.

>keep the info peratining to the near by hospitals,ambulance availability,emergency facilities and availability of doctors in  multiple hospitals

>only one family member might be allowed with you,so make sure that person is available readily.

8.What if I give birth during these conditions?

>worry not! Hospitals are following all rules of disinfection and they will take care of you and your baby.

9.I have an elder child,can I take him along during delivery?

It isn’t advisable to take another toddler to the hospital,so make surfe you have somone to look after him while you are at the hospital.

but,if no one is available,the process is goiung to be tough for your both’s care taker!

the toddler should be taken care of to avoid hospital infections as well!

10.Can people come visit my baby?

in the present conditions,NO!

Use online social plaforms to introduce your baby to the world.

Also try to relax and take proper care of yourself,all this could be mentally exhausting,take carer of your mental health also.

Stay in touch with your friends and family via phone.

It is a good time to spend with your partner,use it!!

After the baby arrives,the equations are gonna change.

This covid situation can be our new normal,so accept it,Mental health is very important too.

This too shall pass!!

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