Contraception after delivery

From the overwhelming joy of becoming a mom to tiresome nights to gradually getting acquainted to the baby to getting back to SEXUAL LIFE, is a hell of a ride.

And as you go on to getting back to normal,the fear of another pregnancy creeps you out.

so what to do, how to avoid another pregnancy????

Did you know that women tend to have no periods after delivery?

 it is called ‘Lactational amenorrhoea’

the nature gives women a safe period of 6 months with the help of hormones to avoid pregnancy,sometimes this may extend beyond one year too.

But this comes with risks of its own.

The hormone levels may not stay the same for all women and a few tend to have regular ovulatory cycles leading to accidental pregnancy when had unprotected sex.


 The following are the options that you can choose.

  • Condoms-simple barrier method,has high success rate but chances of tearing away or heat of the moment slip aways are more.
  • Hormonal pills-as you will be lactating the regular OCPills aren’t prescribed,PROGESTERONE ONLY PILLS are prescribed as they don’t hinder in breast milk production or quality.But they have a set of rules to be followed that can lead to failure of pills if not followed properly.
  • Injectable hormones-The same progesterone acting drug is available in an injection form.Good thing is injection needs to be injected every 3 months once.Bad thing isit may cause menstrual problems and also we don’t know when its effect will wean off.
  • IUD-stands for intra uterine device,one of the safest of all methods.It could be a loop or it could be COPPER-T.Good thing is it can be inserted once and forgotten for a few years giving time to plan next pregnancy and have unprotected intercourse.Bad thing is they may cause menstrual irregularities,infection,some may have allergic reactions,rarely ectopic have known to occur.
  • Sterilization-if you are done with reproducing and have completed your family,then you or your partner may get sterilized via tubectomy or vasectomy.

so these are the simple and easily available methods.

It is necessary that you give a minimum of 3 years for your body to heal from the trauma of pregnancy.

Due to lack of resources, information and embarrassment of asking the doctor regarding sexual life, many women tend to get pregnant immediately after delivery and either resort to getting illegally aborted or continue at the expense of own health.

The doctors are here to help you. Have a talk with your gynaecologist regarding various options available and which are suitable to you both mentally and physically.

Talk to them regarding pros and cons and choose accordingly.

Always remember, Prevention is better than cure!

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