Break the Silence

As I was thinking what could be the one thing about women that I would wanna ‘Break the silence’ about,it made me overwhelmed because literally everything related to women needs a change.

Because everything related to her, is and has been a taboo!

I wondered,Where is the inception?

Then it struck,it begins with the Casual sexism we are believed to accept as ‘fate’ right since birth.

A woman is brought up as someone else’s ‘property’,brought up for the sake of her future husband.

Forced to feel as a liability for being physically weak or for the reason that she’s to be protected from the world’s evil or simply dowry!

Limiting her access to quality food and education,teaching chores for the sake of her future family,her childhood is lost from basic upbringing.

Even if the modern woman marries an equal, professionally, she’s expected to excel at home making,baby rearing and what not but still be considered less contributing .

But does any one expect anything from her husband?

She’s believed to ‘need’ a man,passed from one generation to another for male support, be it father,husband or son!

And if someone tries being self sufficient and alone, she’s taken for granted, sexually,professionally.

Treated as an alien in her parent’s place and also in her in laws place.

Never an heir,but treated like a baby making machine.

Supposed to adjust and endure.

And if she tries to raise her voice,she’s a Feminazi or ‘not marriage material’

Her identity is hidden under ‘daughter of (D/O) or wife of (w/o)’

How many of us came across a wedding invitation, addressed to a woman?

No one is happy with her birth,but the Family honour is linked to the purity of her Vagina.

She is so much unwanted that she’s killed even before she’s born and there had to be a legal act to stop her murder!

When did her life become so cheap?

Behind every successful woman there’s a broken little girl who had to work twice as hard as any other man.

She is a dreamer, a thinker and a doer,but still her ability is limited to a kitchen

Why should someone else decide what she does with her life, when she is an own person of herself.

Why is a feminist seen as a criminal for asking minimum basic equal rights of sustenance?

We are conditioned to turn a blind eye towards this casual sexism.

This is the casual sexism no one talks about, but needs to be stopped.

#BreakTheSilence and identify the elephant in the room and address the situation.

It’s high time!

Before we change the world,let’s change our homes,bring equality there,you can’t conquer the world with your own house in shambles,could you?

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