The excitement level as soon as the pregnancy test comes in positive  will be over the charts.

Everyone floods you with all sorts of love and ofcourse tons of  unasked advice.

Amidst all this,we fail in preparing ourselves for the upcoming events.

We usually think about what sort of care to be taken during pregnancy and probably the mode of delivery too.But we often forget the main part,the part after the baby comes.

And most of us are a nuclear family and not all of us have access to someone experienced to help us out.

The 9 months of pregnancy is like a boon if you can utilize it to the fullest.

Use this time to do all sorts of research like ,

#how the initial few months gonna be after the baby’s home?

#is there are probability of post partum depression?

#what do you do if the baby cries incessantly?

#what are the red flag signs to look for in the baby?

#do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding

#what stuff to buy for your baby’s different needs like bathing,sleeping etc?

The above are just a few to begin with.

The first 4-8 weeks are really sleepless for most of the mothers and it takes time for the baby’s sleep cycle to regularize.This added to postpartum blues can cause all sorts of emotions,especially guilt and sadness and make the mother really depressed.

So,make sure you discuss with your doctor not only about the pregnancy and delivery process but also as soon as the baby comes into your arms,you must be on the top of your game.

Research for a good pediatrician near your location beforehand.

Its always better if you read books with scientific and medical facts regarding your pregnancy and baby.

Please never ever follow the old wives tales when it comes to the baby’s health.

Never ever follow home remedies and delay any treatment.

There are many apps and blogs online with regards to pregnancy and child care.Use them for research.

I shall post individual blogs regarding various topics.Keep following.



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