About Me

Hello Mommies,
This is Dr.Sabiha Anjum, a gynecologist. Apart from being a Doctor, I’m also a full time mother of a precious baby girl.

Although being a specialist, knowing the A-Z of pregnancy, I found myself struggling with baby care initially. My gold medals, my marks were of no match as this was an entirely different ball game. Especially, because of the conflicting ideologies of the elders and scientific facts in itself.

I pride in calling myself a ‘Millennial Mom’ and most of you reading my blogs belong to the same category.Just like every misunderstood millennial, my elders felt I was wrong in my methods of pregnancy & baby care.

But, Facts are FACTS!!

Following the trend, I was part of many parenting and pregnancy related social portals.

To my surprising discovery, I found many of the women were either too ignorant or too naive in this regard. Most of these portals were also misleading.

So, this blogging website is my earnest effort to bust the myths from the old wives’ tales and enlighten the Mommies & to be Mommies towards a smart, ideal & actually correct care.

Every blog I write is thoroughly researched & evidence based, thus ‘Actual Facts’.

Please do write to me if you have any queries. But kindly don’t ask me treatments for your ailments. For that you must see your doctor. 😊

This is purely an Educational Blog.

It’s time you took control,
more power to You.