Should you be worried about your child’s complexion?

Should you be worried about your baby’s

“What do i do to improve my baby’s colour?”

My baby was very fair at birth,now lost all the colour,why?

Any medicines or oils or creams to improve the complexion?

homeremedies to improve the colour”

If you have been to any maternity&child care online portals,these are probably
the commonest questions you’ve come across.
Firstly,lemme be clear.The birth colour of the baby is not permanent and its
obviously not the “real” colour of the teeny bopper.
The newborn skin undergoes a lot of changes post birth.
There will be drying,scaling and finally peeling off of skin.
In case,the baby is a growth restricted one,it has the typical “old man’s look” as it
is famously called.These babies have a very dry and dark skin as well.

Mind you! these are not permanent.
Babies are covered by ‘vernix caseosa’ ,which is white sticky material,also gives
whitish tinge to the baby.As you keep bathing the baby this goes away.
Babies are covered by lanugo hair,spreading across the entire body but mostly
prominent over the arms and face.It sometimes gives a false ‘dark coloured’
These hair too get eventually cleared away as the baby grows.

What to do?
Do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Please don’t resort to aesthetics and put your baby to strain.
Babies are cute no matter what.And you worrying about the complexion is kind
of degrading your baby.
As the baby grows,the natural colour slowly sets in.
You can instead give highly nutritious food to increase the strength and
immunity and in return automatically your baby/kid looks healthy and also
less prone to diseases.
As the kids reach puberty their body undergoes many changes and the physique
and complexion is totally different.
Also,don’t restrain kids from outdoor games,swimming etc out of fear of losing
colour.You will be limiting their childhood.They will instead resort to a bad
lifestyle of mobiles and video games.
The blame is totally on you then.

*Never ever use haldi,besan or anything along with milk to apply to the
baby. It blocks the skin pores and inturn increases skin infections
*Never use oils,especially for long standing periods,they are very difficult
to clean.
*Never use bleaching agents or soaps containing them,you are simply
ruining the baby’s tender skin.
*Never use honey and lemon,they are bleaching agents.

Also,never criticise your kid later on.It will only make them lose their confidence.

Never body shame them.

Motherhood already comes with a lot of new emotions and experiences to deal with,be it first time or any number of times.Don’t strain yourself over nothing.Colour is never a flaw and we should teach this to ourselves and the kids.

Teach them to love themselves.

After all everybody is unique.

And EVERY BABY is beautiful.


Sex during pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy
Is sex during pregnancy dangerous?
Does sex during pregnancy cause penis envy if i have a daughter?
Will the baby get any infections in such a case?
Are we ‘permitted’ to have sex in pregnancy?Isn’t it a sin?
These are probably the most common questions asked to a gynecologist.
Okay.Lets get to them one by one.
Firstly,sex or coitus has been seen as a taboo,discussing anything remotely
near to it is frowned upon in India.
And its a common misconception taught to us by the elders that having sex
in pregnancy is prohibited.
Its seen as a 9 month break!So much so that even the so called modern t.v
still preaches in many of its programmes/videos that its forbidden.
Sex in general is a physical need,sometimes emotional too.
Infact,in the first trimester women have increased sexual drives thanks to
the hormones.
Aaand,nope!its not forbidden.
Having sex is healthy.
So,is it dangerous???
Unless,your’s is a complicated pregnancy,there isn’t anything remotely
dangerous to the baby or you.

The baby wont be harmed due to the semen or vaginal secretions.
its pretty well guarded inside there. 🙂
Will the penis poke the baby?
Nope,the baby doesn’t come in contact with the penis anywhere during sex.
thanks to the human anatomy,the cervix is a very tough structure which is
pretty strongly closed until its the delivery time.
and for the same reason the baby wont have penis envy either as imagined.Its an entirely different scenario when it comes to penis envy.

Is it a sin?
This is where i cant help you.
The religious beliefs might hinder you.
It’s totally your call.

Now,there are certain conditions you must avoid sex.
If you had noticed before,I highlighted the word “complicated pregnancy
In pregnancies,complications such as
* cervical incompetence

* placenta previa
* cervical cancer
* premature rupture of membranes(prom)
* twin pregnancy,polyhydromnios with open n short cervix
* vaginal infections
* threatened abortion
* threatened preterm labour etc

the above are few instances you have to keep in mind.
i shall discuss about each of the above complications in detail in other
but,its always better and safe if you discuss with your doctor beforehand.
now,go haffun 😉



The excitement level as soon as the pregnancy test comes in positive  will be over the charts.

Everyone floods you with all sorts of love and ofcourse tons of  unasked advice.

Amidst all this,we fail in preparing ourselves for the upcoming events.

We usually think about what sort of care to be taken during pregnancy and probably the mode of delivery too.But we often forget the main part,the part after the baby comes.

And most of us are a nuclear family and not all of us have access to someone experienced to help us out.

The 9 months of pregnancy is like a boon if you can utilize it to the fullest.

Use this time to do all sorts of research like ,

#how the initial few months gonna be after the baby’s home?

#is there are probability of post partum depression?

#what do you do if the baby cries incessantly?

#what are the red flag signs to look for in the baby?

#do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding

#what stuff to buy for your baby’s different needs like bathing,sleeping etc?

The above are just a few to begin with.

The first 4-8 weeks are really sleepless for most of the mothers and it takes time for the baby’s sleep cycle to regularize.This added to postpartum blues can cause all sorts of emotions,especially guilt and sadness and make the mother really depressed.

So,make sure you discuss with your doctor not only about the pregnancy and delivery process but also as soon as the baby comes into your arms,you must be on the top of your game.

Research for a good pediatrician near your location beforehand.

Its always better if you read books with scientific and medical facts regarding your pregnancy and baby.

Please never ever follow the old wives tales when it comes to the baby’s health.

Never ever follow home remedies and delay any treatment.

There are many apps and blogs online with regards to pregnancy and child care.Use them for research.

I shall post individual blogs regarding various topics.Keep following.




Sometimes I don’t wanna be a mother !

I know it sounds harsh and cruel.

But yes,this is what comes to my mind sometimes.

I used to be an independent,working woman who didn’t wanted to stop at anything.The pregnancy was unplanned but not unprepared for.

I always wanted to be a mother.Sooner or later I was going to be one.And I wanted to give no excuse to manage the motherhood thing all by myself.

I wanted to be the perfect mother for my lil one and so I quit my job to take care of my teeny bopper.

I mean who can not fall in love with the cuteness overloaded baby cub.

First came the ‘baby blues’.I didn’t know why I was so sad even when the most precious thing on earth was in my arms.

The constant crying seemed to never end.Everyone just kept insisting I breastfed the baby everytime it cried.

And the breastfeeding never seemed to end.I was either feeding it or I was a leaking faucet.

I just hated everyone around me.The pampering I got while I was pregnant was all gone.

I was becoming insecure of my husband as well.

And for no reason at all I was crying!!

It took counseling from my doctor and tons of support from my family, but I was back to normal in a few days.

Things settled down gradually and I was in tune with my baby and its habits.

But,again the feelings came back when my baby started crawling and walking.

When my husband is off to work its just me and my baby.So,the baby is overtly attached to me,like an extended organ.

The baby needs constant supervision,the fear that it might swallow something or just electrocute itself gave me chills.

The mess the baby makes and the time you take to clean it up making sure there’s nothing harmful around is tiring.

Plus you have to keep running behind the tiny tot to feed.Dont forget the temper tantrums.

Bathing and even pooping in leisure is a far fetched dream.

No matter,how baby proofed your place is,still the tiny tyke will find something or the other that will give you goosebumps.

Forget privacy.I stopped feeling as a human unit.I’m a zombie.Foregt makeup and feeling sexy,Im just a huge mess.

I really miss the old life sometimes.

All this gets to me at times and tears just roll out.

But a tiny gesture of affection,a simple smile at you or a teeny kiss vanishes it all out.

Its okay to feel that way,I’m human after all.

Not everyone has it together all the time.


But just a tiny gestue of love like a


Hospital bag-the check list


The anticipation of the new baby is overwhelming.

And as the eager moms that we are,we love to be prepared on every front.

The hospital bag is like a reality check that the beautiful journey of pregnancy is about to end.

When do you get the bag ready?

Now,I would like to be prepared with the shopping stuff atleast a month before the due date.Not only cause we enter the so called ‘term period’ after the completion of the 36th week but also because it becomes increasingly difficult to walk about with the TERM tummy and admit it,we are already easily tired now!

So,the ideal time would be after the completion of 36th week.

As the baby can pop out anytime now!

What do I fill the bag with?

#The Mommy stuff

All the stuff the new mommy is gonna need during the hospital stay.

1.Maternity night gowns/nighties

Not only these are breast feeding friendly but also the ones with buttons on the entire length have an added advantage if you ought to have a c.section.

Helps in checking the wound soakage and also to perform dressing over the wound.

2.Sanitary pads

While some hospitals provide their own pads,a few don’t.

The immediate postpartum period you have considerable amount of bleeding.So make sure the ones you buy are larger sizes.

3.Comforters, bedsheets,towels

Although the hospitals these days are equal to star hotels providing everything you need,still having stuff of your own will be comforting and useful in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

4.The toiletries

Everything you love using for yourself.

Be it a comb or shampoo or facewash.

5.Maternity clothing and lingerie

You would wanna buy brasserie suitable for nursing and nursing pads to prevent the milk staining the clothing.

When it comes to the clothing I like to customise them before hand.

It helps a lot getting loose clothing stitched with hooks or a simple zip to help breast feed the new born.

Even if you are gonna wear the clothing on your way from hospital to home,you would be surprised how much its gonna be useful.

Customise the same during the entire breastfeeding period.


#The Baby stuff

This is the fun part!

Not only cause you have been waiting for the baby all along but also you would really love shopping for the new one beforehand.Gives you all sorts of emotions!!

1.Baby clothing

Its always best keeping the baby warm.So,I would suggest newborn sized rompers.

As you don’t know the gender of the baby in India beforehand,better buy gender neutral colours if you are specific in regards to colour.But you can’t resist the cute onesies no matter what the colour,trust me!

  • Rompers/onesies-4
  • Baby caps-2
  • Mittens-2 pairs
  • Socks-2 pairs

2.Baby wraps-2

Baby wraps are separately available in the market.

If you aren’t pro buying the wraps,small sized thin towels can be used too.

The agenda is keeping the baby warm.

3.Baby towels-2

Buy soft towels for the baby.we don’t wanna harm that sensitive skin,right?

4.Baby toiletries

You would really be surprised by the brands and types available exclusive to the babies.

I would recommend that you research on what product to buy atleast 3 months before the due date.

  • Baby body wash/soap
  • Massage oil-not exactly needed at the hospital but you never know when your ‘old advisor’ would wanna massage the lil one.


  • Baby powder

Make sure its not too scented,babies tend to be too sensitive.

You don’t know what might trigger allergic reaction in the baby.

And avoid the vaginal area in the female baby.

5.Nappy pads

Have a big pack of nappies ready for the lil one.

You have no idea how many times the lil pooper’s gonna keep exploding.

6.Baby blanket

You gotta buy hypoallergenic,soft and warm blankets.


Apart from this you would find handwash,newspapers,snacks pretty useful.

Come what may I’m sure you will not forget your cellphone and its charger.

Amirite? 😉